Give your Saturday’s outfit some difference!

We give you some do’s and tips on how to wear Lamaru Batik Pants from Aruna collection to flourish your whole look.

  1. Stay Casual
Pictures Source: Pinterest

Embracing your effortless look by pairing Lamaru Pants with oversized tees, sweaters, or any other baggy tops!

By using oversized tops will give you casual vibe and comfortable look. Mix and match with fun accessories such as sneakers, slip on, tote bags, or choker (which of course you can buy our choker, here), and maybe sling bag.

  1. Play it Preppy!
Pictures Source: Pinterest

Wear Lamaru Pants with your collar shirt! It can be used for your day or night outfit since it is easy to style as well.   You can use flats, heels, or ever slip on as for your footwear. However, it is tricky to put preppy style so you must be careful when it comes to mix and match the overall items.

If you have two events in a day and one mandatory with formal attire, try this and thank us later!

  1. Matching Prints
Pictures Source: Pinterest

Last but not least is pairing your Lamaru Pants with matching tops or outers, and yes we have plenty of matching patterns for you to mix and match with the pants. This pair will be your saver especially when you’re too lazy to dress up! Click here and shop Aruna collection to complete your matching items. Don’t forget we also have “Pick a Pair” for Lamaru Batik Pants, go visit and buy!