Another fashion tips during your vacation are updated! Here we give you some of our friends from #peoplewearoemahetnik who worn our must-have items, especially on your holiday trip.

As for now, we chose four looks that represent the holiday vibes, which will inspire your next vacation outfit.

But before that, we have some tips for you on what to wear during vacation for your outfits.

  1. Make sure you wear something that suitable for your destination, try to match it with the weather and place in order to keep you comfy and secure
  2. Prioritize comfort because it will affect your mood!
  3. Bring lightweight clothes to reduce your luggage’s weight
  4. Practical clothes and easy to mix and match clothes is a must.


Let’s hop on to the pictures!

First is @gracewirawan in Kanya Tenun Top. Paired your Kanya Tenun Top with a simple top such as this white tube top along with dark green wide pants that match with her hat. Play around with some accessories to complete your look. Besides, you’re on holiday and nothing’s better than wearing astonishing yet necessary accessories!


Fun in flare during your vacation! Steal @deyfitria’s look in Bugis Batik Skirt on her Sumba trip. Own your look by wearing all relaxed and loose silhouette to create complacent while on your vacation. Besides, loose and baggy clothes are suitable for tropical destinations. Perfect for you to wear on the heat!


Coming from Aruna Series, this Sigi Batik Culotte and Losari Batik Outer wore by @aleenwulandari. A matching pair will never go out of style!

Moreover, it is easier to mix and match, just like @aleenwulandari paired it with a black tube top to pop out the outer and pants. Give it a try!

Last but not least is @patriciajessica in her Jailolo Tenun Pants. Another accessories game strong! Here she matched her pants with basic top however added with a twist of statement shoe and hat. What a brilliant way to wear this favorable pant from Timur Series!


And there you have it, a Traveling 101 tips from us alongside with our favorite pieces. Well, you can now steal and inspired by their looks so grab it the items while it last! Make sure to check our next article because we will give editor’s picks for (another) traveling looks.