For those of you who have a plan to go to a place in the winter, then we have this perfect article for you to read! However, you can acknowledge this article if you want to go to places with cold temperature.

We chose three looks with different color tones for you to get inspired. You can wear this during your vacation or even a one-day trip since it is easy to follow.

Before we start, we have something for you to share regarding on how to style your outfit while in winter:
1. Layer like never before. Play around with your clothes based on your need but be careful with the color combination
2. Bring neutral colors to reduce your stuff, oh and make sure the clothes are versatile
3. Wear boots because why not? It can create an illusion of your height (especially with the layering)
4. Experiment with accessories, namely scarfs, hats, bags, belts, or even hand glove

The first look is Brown Jati Outer that we paired with a basic white sweater as well as colored pants to give a twist in your look. As for this one, the aim is to pop out the outer while the inner part still in colors. Followed by using black boots and a black backpack to complete your look.

For the second look, we have Widuri Blazer that can be your go-to outer while on the trip. We paired with Drupadi Scarf to achieve a monochrome look. While for the top, we chose this navy color to give a bit of color to your outfit with the same hue. A combination of dark and light colors in one look, yes, you’ll look incredibly amazing.

The last is a combo of playful and youthful by having a color blocking in your outfit. By pairing a green jacket, a maroon bag, and soft pink sneaker, make sure to choose wisely for the top.
We chose a white collar shirt to balance the whole look to calms down the hue. Shop the pants, here.

See, you can wear clothes that adopted from Indonesian fabric on your vacation. Try our tips and thank us later! Anyway, don’t forget to shop to own the looks above.