Oodles of beauty and uniqueness that we can find in Java, one of them is in Pecangaan area, about 15 km from the city of Jepara. This village called Troso Village, a home for handcrafters that consciously named after the place.

This traditional fabric from Troso Village is a woven fabric that the strands of the weft thread or the warp thread previously tied and immersed in a natural dye. For the technique, Ikan Troso Woven used non-machine looms.

Starts from pieces of weft or warp that one of the parts has tied and the other is moved to the right and left, Tenun Troso, considered complex because it fully relies on the motive and also the human works. As for the motifs, Torso ranging from geometric shapes, plants, animals, to modern abstract shades, and using natural dyes.

Among many textile industries of various produced that using machinery, the Torso Village textile industry maintains and continue the quality of handmade products.

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