“Gadis yang pikirannya sudah dicerdaskan, pemandangannya sudah diperluas, tidak akan sanggup lagi hidup di dalam dunia nenek moyangnya.” – R.A. Kartini

We have something coming up this month!

Welcoming April, the women’s month, with excitement because we’re going to launch the sequel series of #KartiniOE.

Ever since on 21 April 1964, Indonesia celebrates the National Independence Hero Day of Raden Adjeng Kartini all around the province.

The celebration aims to commemorate and honor of R.A. Kartini who sacrifice and fight for woman equality also opportunity rights amongst men and women, chiefly for the present-day.

In terms of that, Oemah Etnik also wants to celebrate Kartini’s Day with our way to create a collection that adopted from inspiring women, or should we call the modern Kartini, along with their personal and signature style.

BUT, this year’s #KartiniOE will not only feature their story, but we will also launch their exclusive clothing series that capture their true and unique style.

Be ready and stay tuned with us so that you can catch up our updates for this year’s #KartiniOE collection!