Our Batik Making Class event that was held on 27 November 2017, will never be as fun and exciting without our sponsors support. Firstly, our venue sponsor, Papiri at Jalan Benda no 10, Kemang, Jakarta Selatan.

Beautiful rustic and lovely ambience by Kava Studio.

Now on to goodies, we’re delighted to have some of these brands to support us. First, Polka Cosmetics, giving away some of their top shades for our guests.


Tiff Body‘s coconut lip sleeping balm.


Shopping vouchers by Lunula Nail Salon, Salon by Houzcall, Epiphany, Kaminari, Woosh, and Bobobobo.

Tiff Body, Sacre Skin, Polka Cosmetics, Epiphany 


Comfortable and colorful cushions from Hello Home.


Ephiphany‘s acne oil


Tiff Body and Sacre Skin Coconut Lip Polish